What’s So Great About Hyaluronic Acid?

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What’s So Great About Hyaluronic Acid?

Chances are you’ve been hearing about hyaluronic acid for some time now, whether you’ve seen it labeled on a bottle of By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Foundation (fun fact: Not only was By Terry founder Terry de Gunzburg one of the first cosmetic visionaries to include hyaluronic acid in her products, she invented the famed Touché Eclat for YSL Beauté back in 1992), recall it from a 2015 New York Times article aptly titled “The Second Coming of Hyaluronic Acid” or heard about it through your facialist or dermatologist. While we all know hyaluronic acid is undoubtedly a good thing, do most of us know what it actually is? Before we delve into the benefits, let’s break it down. 

According to the Times’ breakthrough article (how long ago 2015 feels now!), it’s a “clear, sugary goo that occurs naturally in the body, where it lubricates joints and even sustains the shape of the eyeballs.” Even five years ago, this wildly beneficial sugary molecule was new to the skincare scene. The article explains that while dermatologists had long been touting “its plumping and moisturizing ability because it can carry up to 1,000 times it weight in water,” scientists had found its particles “too big to penetrate the skin’s surface” (also known as molecular weight), meaning the results could be washed off without taking effect.

Thanks to new formulations and developments that have led to lower molecular weights that successfully penetrate the skin, we can now get all the benefits of hyaluronic acid, like the stimulation and visible boosting of collagen production, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, decrease in sagging skin and enhanced skin hydration. Even better, our body naturally produces it. Ironically, hyaluronic acid in its gel form is what comprmises Restylane and Juvéderm, two of the most popular skin-plumping injectables on the market. It’s also found in a surprising amount of foods you’re likely already eating because of their other known health benefits: almonds, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes (looks like the least-healthy vegetable just earned some credibility), citrus fruits, bone broth (thanks, Tina!) and even red wine, dark chocolate and red meats. But just because you can inject it, and eat it, for that matter, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work just as well applied topically. On the contrary. 

Enter the even more advanced, higher-tech U Beauty approach to hyaluronic acid, along with its good friends vitamin C, stabilized vitamin E, retinol, AHA, peptides and antioxidants. When you use the Resurfacing Compound, you get both maximum quality and quantity of these great ingredients, without any downside. Most products deliver key actives (like hyaluronic acid) all over your skin’s surface, which mean the healthy areas that don’t need them get them regardless, which leads to irritation, redness, dryness and peeling. With our unique SIREN capsules, that attract free radicals like a magnet, only the damaged parts of your skin receive hyaluronic acid and its fellow heroic cohorts. Which is why your skin feels tight, smooth, plump and buoyant upon use of the Compound. 

It’s (relatively) simple science: As enlightening as it is to know how and why these ingredients work, all that really matters are results. So bring on the hyaluronic acid! In the right measures and only to the right areas, of course. Think of it this way: The formulas you put on your face should be as picky and selective as you are! 

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I started using ubeauty on October 31st after having done the 3 day trial. My skin has never looked or felt better. I love the clean feeling it provides my skin. I follow it with the Augustinus Bader cream & Cle de Peau eye cream with just a small amount of concealer. I am 70 years old & am now perfectly comfortable without foundation. A very pleasant surprise. Many thanks.

Sallie Plummer March 11, 2020

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