Tina’s Top 5 Compound Tips

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Tina’s Top 5 Compound Tips

Tina’s Top 5 Compound Tips

Who better to offer up some coveted insider tricks of the Resurfacing Compound trade than ultimate insider, and all-around glass-skin guru, U Beauty founder Tina Craig? She launched the Compound last November (which truly feels like a lifetime ago now), after over a year of testing nine different formulations on about a 100 of her friends, representing all ages, ethnicities and skin types. "The U Beauty journey started over two years ago, but really, the idea is over a decade in the making," she says, which began with a desire to simplify her daily routine from 13-15 steps to no more than four. 

Now the coveted cult-favorite product is an award-winning mainstay in countless #UBeautySirens’ and #UBeautyAddicts’ now-streamlined routines. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have more secrets to share for when it comes to your daily skincare routine. In her wise words, “Fashions come and go, but you only have one face. I feel it’s a worthy investment.” Below, Tina divulges five of her favorite Compound-complementing skin-boosting tips: 

1. (Don’t) pump it up:
“When we say ‘do more with less,’ I really mean it: less time, less waste, even when it comes to how much of the Resurfacing Compound you ought to use. With a perfected balance of antioxidants and actives to visibly equalize, tone, brighten, tighten and, yes, resurface, we’ve designed it so one single pump is all you need. You can use two pumps if you want to, but one is all that’s necessary for full application. Massage the Compound gently into your skin. It might be tempting to rub vigorously, but using more of a tapping technique as you massage will get the most out of the product.” 

2. It’s a wash: “It doesn't get much simpler than this, but in case you need to hear it, stop using hot water on your delicate skin! I know a lot of people like to wash their face in the shower to save time, but no matter what, cold or lukewarm water only. Hot water is not your skin’s friend. And if possible, use filtered water. Our skin is an organ that absorbs everything, including the water we use to wash it. You know those calcified circles of deposit around the faucet? They end up right on your face! An under-the-sink filter is fairly inexpensive and has the potential to change your skin. 

Speaking of water, your skin will look especially glowy after drinking eight full glasses (and after eight hours of sleep, which is, of course, easier said than done). It’s so cliché, I know, but the combination of lots of water, solid sleep...and regular use of the Compound is truly the magic formula.

When it comes to washing my face, I double-cleanse only if I’ve been wearing foundation, which is rare these days because, honestly, my skin is so improved I don’t need face makeup."

3. Roll call:  “Anyone who knows me knows I’m constantly rolling my face: driving in the car, cooking or basically any moment I have downtime, which really isn’t that often. That’s why I’m all about multitasking! 

I especially like to roll after cleansing when my skin is still slightly damp, like with the ReFa Carat roller. It’s a Gua sha tool, a traditional Chinese method of eliminating damaged tissue. I like to think of it as yoga for the face. It’s genuine face-sculpting. Remember to be gentle—it’s not weight-training.  

While I love a double-ball roller, one that glides smoothly over your face is better for certain techniques, like a lymphatic drainage roll. Whether you roll upwards and outwards or straight up, you want to use a slower motion and heavier hand to drain the fluids from your face. Start under your chin and then bring it across the jawline and draw it across. Up in the middle of the face and down behind the ear. You can also press in for acupressure. Do it for as long as you can, and then apply the Compound for better-than-ever absorption. 

If I’m really going for it, I like to roll over a sheet mask to really get the most out of it. I love it because it helps ingredients absorb faster and better into the skin. 

Even roll at night when you drink wine and wake up with a sculpted face. Kidding...but actually not!”

4. Go-go gadget: “To take your prep routine up a real notch, the TriPollar RF Stop X tool is an insane at-home RF gadget that visibly tightens skin more deeply than others.

Once a week, I use this professional-grade gadget for about 20 minutes. Pre-quarantine, I had done radio frequency treatments at the dermatologist’s office for years. The heat generated during RF treatments cause controlled damage to the skin’s different layers, encouraging natural healing processes and collagen production. Since the treatments work with the body’s natural mechanisms, the results are, as you might guess, natural-looking. This gadget recreates those treatments, as the Stop X technology heats the skin to 38°C/100.4°F, the lowest temperature for clinical efficacy. It’s great for tightening the skin's look on a deep level and reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

(Side note: Don’t take your temperature with an ear thermometer after using this. I’ve thought I’ve had a fever before and utterly panicked!)”

5. Apply yourself: “This is easily the least exciting tip I have to offer, but it’s a practical one. If you find the Compound squirting out sideways when you press it, that usually means a bit of the product has dried around the edge and the pump needs a little rinsing. If that’s the case, you might also see some color change in the formula, but that’s totally normal. 

The Compound contains raw materials (vitamins and antioxidants) with yellow or tan hues, which vary in intensity. They're natural, so it's only natural for them to vary in color a bit. Similarly, the color of the Compound can darken over time, especially if exposed to warm temperatures. The integrity of the Compound isn't compromised either way, but like with most skincare products and cosmetics, it's best to store your bottle in a cool place. Take care of the Compound, pump and all, and the Compound will take care of you!”

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