Peptides 101

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The Actives Series: Peptides 101

Small yet mighty, peptides are the building blocks of protein your skin needs to look firm and buoyant. In science speak, they’re molecules that contain two or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds, aka shorter amino acid chains (than say, proteins).

These high-powered substances are able to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface and communicate key instructions needed to promote complexions that “act and look younger,” all thanks to peptides.

Peptides play an important part in rebuilding collagen—which as we know degrades as we age, resulting in sagging and wrinkled skin. Thanks to this skin-boosting function, they’re heralded in the anti-aging market, particularly thanks to the plethora of data supporting their safety and efficacy. 

You’ll find them in the Resurfacing Compound, PLASMA Lip Compound, SUPER Hydrator, and SUPER Body Hydrator–thanks to their ability to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface for skin that acts and looks younger.

Your Peptides Results Timeline

1 Day
Locked-in hydration
Activated protein communication for improved skin energy

1 Week
Stimulated repair + renewal
Soothed irritation + smoother tone

2 Weeks
Plumped-looking skin + lips
Visibly reduced fine lines + wrinkles

1 Month
Increased hyaluronic acid + collagen synthesis
Strengthened extracellular matrix

6 Weeks
Tauter skin with improved elasticity
Improved skin structure 

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