Five Easy Ways to Calm the Chaos, Stat

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Five Easy Ways to Calm the Chaos, Stat

There’s a lot of chaos going on around us, but the worst thing we can do is panic. The best thing to do during these strange, uncertain times? Turn inwards, self-reflect and think about ways you can simplify your life. With many of us working from home (or under self-imposed two-week quarantines as a protective measure), this is an ideal opportunity to take care of those close to you while practicing the best methods of self-care. Focus on what you can control, which is most importantly, you and your own well-being. 

Start by by breathing.
But not just any kind of breathing. Take a mere 16 seconds to apply this quick, easy technique that athletes, nurses, U.S. Navy SEALs and police officers use to calm down. If box breathing is good enough for them…! Start by sitting in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor (lying down can hinder breath). Slowly exhale, then inhale deeply through your nose, as you count to four. Hold your breath for another four full seconds. Then repeat by exhaling, feeling the air leave your lungs, and holding again, each to counts of four. It’s been proven this kind of breathing can instantly calm the autonomic nervous system and reduce stress.  

Tune out early on.
The powers of unplugging are major. Giving yourself an hour away from glowing screens before you turn in for the night can work wonders for your peace of mind and quality of sleep, especially when anxieties are running high. Step away from the computer, TV and yes, your phone as hard — nay, impossible — as that may be, and light a candle, practice meditation and crack open a good book. If anything, let this be the unofficial mantra: The more your screen glows, the less your skin glows!

Make bone broth in bulk. 
Whether you’ve got a busy week or too much downtime ahead, you can never go wrong by having a big pot of bone broth on hand to sip throughout the day and even at night. A lot of research has shown consuming gelatin at night helps induce sleep because of the amino acid glycine. That’s just one of the benefits: It’s also been known to help reduce inflammation, keep your collagen strong and support a healthy immune system. No wonder Tina calls it the Healing Soup. Click here for her must-have recipe. 

Take a hike. 
Literally. While we’re spending as much time as possible inside at the moment, it’s no secret nature is the great elixir of life (that, and great skincare and maybe the occasional top-shelf tequila), so keep this in mind when the time is right. Just an hour or two immersed in the great outdoors will clear your head and thoughts. Suddenly, life feels simpler! Our problems are small in the scope of rolling mountains, orange sunsets and crashing waves. Even if you don’t have access to remote trails and beaches, a long walk in the park can help put things in perspective. Cliché but true: The best things in life are free. (Well, most of them!). 

Roll it out. 
One of Tina’s favorite go-to gadgets, the ReFa Carat roller, makes you feel as decadent as it looks. It’s a Gua sha tool, which is a traditional Chinese method of physically eliminating damaged tissue and helping with lymphatic drainage. Tina’s tips: “I like to think of it as yoga for the face. It’s genuine face-sculpting. But be gentle — it’s not weight-training.” Spend some time rolling (be sure to sterilize it first!) while you’re catching up on Netflix or doing any other semi-mindless activity. It’s also a good way to keep your hands off your face; did you know we touch our face 23 times an hour, often 
unconsciously? With a high-quality roller and your other skin essentials (the Resurfacing Compound, a good cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream), your routine is equal parts clean, simple, healthy and luxurious.



This is exactly my thoughts about this quarantine. It’s a perfect time to spend with family and unwind. We might as well make the most of it and use it to slow down and relax.

Stephanie June 02, 2020

Thank You U Beauty. 😊

Amy March 19, 2020

Merci 😊

Safiye Hizel March 19, 2020

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