End the Feeding Frenzy

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End the Feeding Frenzy

We've all heard of free radicals. Imperceptible agents of destruction generated when we expose our skin to things like atmospheric pollutants, second-hand smoke, sugar-filled food and drink, and of course, the biggest culprit, sunshine. Free radicals exist to help regulate cell functionality. But when too many accumulate, they can trigger a chain reaction of damage.

To picture how free radicals wreak havoc, imagine you and your date are sitting around a table with three other couples. The eight of you are enjoying appetizers when he decides to turn in early. Left without a partner for dinner conversation, you tip back your chair, tap the fella behind you and request his company for the duration. He obliges, and by doing so, leaves his partner and the table behind you with another empty chair. What's the meaning of all this? Free radicals operate the same way.

A free radical is an unstable atom missing an electron. Because atoms like to have their electrons paired, they seek out other atoms from which to steal electrons. A frenzy of free radicals in the skin leads to oxidative stress, damage to cells, and aging symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines, uneven tone, texture, dark spots, and crepiness. This sequence happens over and over again, and once the chain reaction starts, it's hard to stop, and before you know it, the entire restaurant is in hysterics over savage, back-stabbing dinner partners. Sigh.

Enter the antioxidant. What's pretty cool about an antioxidant? It can lend an electron without becoming reactive. U Beauty uses free radicals to its advantage via a patent-pending SIREN capsule, able to attract free radicals to it like a magnet. The SIREN is like a Trojan Horse. Because the SIREN looks even more desirable than a healthy skin cell, the free radical is highly attracted to it. The free radical penetrates the SIREN wall and by doing so, releases its proprietary complex to neutralize the free radical. The SIREN deceives the free radical into self-destruction. (Eh Hem, remember Greek Mythology and the Trojan Horse? It's like that.) This action effectively stops damage in its tracks. 

Using U Beauty, you not only diminish signs of existing age, but you also help prevent new signs of damage and aging from becoming visible. Because our SIREN capsule releases right atop areas where damage is erupting, instead of all over the skin, fewer actives deliver more significant improvement. This efficiency allows lower-level actives to elicit better results, less irritation and redness, happier, healthier-looking skin. The U Beauty Resurfacing Compound replaces multiple steps in your existing skincare routine while saving you time and money. Results begin to appear within 3 – 6 days. Ya Ready?

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