It's Not Me. It's U (Beauty)

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It's Not Me. It's U (Beauty)

It's Not Me. It's U (Beauty)

Valentine's Day is here. So naturally, we've matched your current relationship status to your ideal product match. Unlike our formulas, it's not an exact science—but neither is love.

Securely Monogamous: The Duo

“I” melted long ago into “we;” “me” into “us.” Whether it's been two years or 20, your relationship is firmly lockedinto icon status rivaling Posh and Becks. It's only fitting you (and your SO) pair with The Duo, the foundational two-step routine for dewy, glass skin. Because like the RC and SUPER, you two are unarguably better together.

New Relationship: The SUPER Tinted Hydrator
You're an item, but you’re not that comfortable just yet. Your new lover still believes your “no-makeup makeup” look is, well, no makeup.

Somehow, you're always ready to go in less than five, and that's because you've got the ultimate tinted moisturizer on hand for a flawless, luminescent finish. High-maintenance, who?

Situationship: The SUPER Hydrator
Maybe it’s your avoidant attachment style. Maybe it’s their secret family. Hey, we’re not here to judge. When your love life's complicated, it's essential your skincare is simple. Enter The SUPER, the effortless moisturizer that does exactly what it says it’s going to do. Sorry if that’s triggering.

Newly Single: Resurfacing Compound
Did someone say post-breakup glow? No single hero delivers lit-from-within skin that says “I’m so much happier without you” like the Resurfacing Compound, which replaces up to eight products in one. Want to make your ex doubly jealous? Add the Resurfacing Body Compound to your arsenal.

Very Single: The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment
It's been so long, you've forgotten what it's like to compose the perfect text. Guess what? You can bet most of us are actually jealous. Indulge in your luscious serenity with The BARRIER. Slather it on before bed: This restorative cult-fave pairs best with candles, a book, and no one's unhinged offspring stressing you out.

Dating Around: The PLASMA Trio
When multiple suitors vie for your affection, you need to flaunt your versatility. Naturally, your affinity for customization extends beyond your love life. Cherry-pick your three favorite PLASMA Tints to pair with your lucky dates. Our sellout formula delivers locked-in hydration and a 3D pillow effect. Your visibly plumped lips (and favorite admirer) will thank you later.

Friends with Benefits: The RETURN Eye Concentrate
Like our dual-action eye cream, you've got the best of both worlds in a friend you enjoy hooking up with. But you've still got to keep your eyes open for something more substantial. Ensure they're also bright, lifted, and contoured-looking with The RETURN.

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