What’s So Different? What Sets U Beauty Apart from the Rest

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What’s So Different? What Sets U Beauty Apart from the Rest

Skincare companies make a lot of promises, from those of defying your age to telling you the more you use, the better you’ll look. Most want you to buy as many different products as possible, insisting you need 15 or more formulas in your daily routine. The truth? You don’t! All you really need for beautiful, healthy skin are four essential products: a cleanser, the Resurfacing Compound, moisturizer and eye cream. There’s no reason to ditch your beloved oils and serums if you really, in fact, love them, but use them because you want to, not because you feel like they’re integral to your quality of life. While brands are encouraging unnecessary excess, which is, in turn, wasteful for the environment, your wallet, your precious time and even your precious skin, we’re doing things differently. Here, a quick-and-clean guide to what makes U Beauty different from what else is out there (and probably on your beauty counter): 

We want you to buy less, not more. Seriously.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Less isn’t only more, so to speak. Less is better. Inspired by and built on a need to simplify your routine, and potentially your life, our patented delivery system enables the Resurfacing Compound to do more with less product. Because this single mult-functional product replaces the work of six. All it takes is 1-2 pumps massaged over clean, dry skin and several days to see results. 

We believe instant gratification doesn’t always lead to long-term satisfaction.
The beauty industry standard is to continuously deliver higher, stronger, more potent actives (as in, ingredients like retinol and AHA)  to your skin for bigger, better results. That approach doesn’t give you a long-term healthy benefit. Those results will diminish as quickly as they arrived. You don’t need plenty of products loaded with large quantities of actives. You need good, efficient products with integrity that won’t ultimately overload and overwhelm your skin. Read: no redness or irritation

The Compound works on not one but two levels.
Ready for a quick science lesson? Science-backed skincare means legitimate results, so here goes: With highly effective key ingredients of hyaluronic acid, peptides, stabilized retinol, vitamins C and E, antioxidants and AHA, it works on two levels of the skin: on its surface and beneath its top layer. On the surface of the skin, the Compound gently sloughs away dead skin and decongests pores. This helps reveal brighter, softer, smoother-looking skin, along with smaller pores and diminished fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Beneath the skin’s top layer, the SIREN capsule lures free radicals to it like a magnet. As the free radical penetrates the capsule, the SIREN’s ingredients are released where they’re needed most. They instantly begin to encourage collagen and elastin production, plump the skin from within and fill in the spaces between skin cells to promote a stronger moisture barrier.  
Skin is nourished from within and resurfaced on the top layer

Speaking of which...moisture in, no moisture out.
When your skin’s moisture barrier is strengthened, it does a better job of holding onto moisture and preventing the loss of moisture in the future. That’s a one-two punch of quenched skin. And trust, you want skin with plenty of moisture. Like mud that dries hard, where there’s dryness, there are cracks. Daily use of the Compound infuses the barrier of your skin with moisture, which means no cracks...also known as wrinkles. 

We tell you what’s up.
Too much information? When it comes to information, well, less is more. We want you to know as much as possible because what you put on your body’s largest organ matters! That’s why we disclose our product’s ingredients and delivery method, so you know you’re making the best choices for your skin and health. It’s not just about listing the ingredients on the side of the packaging and it’s certainly not about highlighting the best, natural ones while conveniently leaving out the presence of filler and chemical ingredients. Candor, implicity and results: That’s what you really need.

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