Week One 2020

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Week One 2020

It's an effervescent time of year: twinkling lights, fizzy bubbles, for some, delicate snowflakes or balmy breezes. We delight in good company, indulge in toasts, celebration, good food, and good cheer. It's a time to celebrate both endings and beginnings, a time during which we allow ourselves a bit more, knowing restraint will be the making of our newest resolutions. 

As the warm glow of the season wanes, and our daily schedules resume their habitual tempo, the signs of good-times-had fetch a sobering glimmer. Via filter-free appraisal, we avow to make better choices and employ better practices. 2020 is the year! With our resolve at its summit, our intentions seem positively reasonable. Eat better, sleep more, exercise, meditate, choose kindness, choose sustainable, be grateful, read, be mindful, clean, spend more time with family, give more time to yourself, be healthy, get organized, write daily, give, love, run. And here we are — week one.

We are often not genuinely practical in our pursuits for self-improvement. We demand impossible out of maxed-out schedules and find our new year's commitments easing before winter fades to blooms. Which, of course, leaves us feeling inadequate, guilty, we've failed. When we outlay an impossible goal from the start, we tie our hands. But you know this. We know you know.

First, small tweaks often affect the most lasting change and reveal the most significant improvements — Micro-Shifts, barely perceptible, yet enduring. This year, we at U Beauty are committing to just 20 minutes a day of physical, get away from your desk, heart-rate accelerating movement, mindfulness, more sleep, and of course an earnest, yet simple skincare routine. The last being the easiest to employ, and just so happens we can give some pretty good advice on it. For good skin, we are here to fortify your endurance. 

Skincare need not be complicated. We developed the Resurfacing Compound to simplify your skincare routine. Our SIREN technology helps to ensure the compound's heavy hitter actives like stable retinol, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C gently and effectively visibly improve skin both quickly and efficiently. 

Try this, a small tweak to affect lasting skin change. 

At night wash your face with a non-stripping, nourishing cleanser. There is a whole boatload of reasons to avoid scrubbing your skin raw, especially in the winter. So use a gentle, skin-loving cleanser. Next, apply U Beauty Resurfacing Compound, then eye cream, and lastly, a nourishing moisturizer to seal in the compound, your skin's moisture, and provide an extra barrier of defense on top. 

In the morning, rinse face, apply U Beauty, apply SPF. 

Try this for one week. Most people see visible results within 3 - 6 days. Let this micro-shift set in motion other health-promoting shifts. Any questions, any comments, thoughts, the good, the bad, the ugly. We are here for you. 

DM, email, call. We are here. For U.

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