An Ode to Its Powers, Perks and Potential

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Vitamin C: An Ode to Its Powers, Perks and Potential

Vitamins are good for us: That’s a given. But not all vitamins are created equal and while different supplements provide different benefits (B12 is known for its metabolism support, A strengthens teeth and bones and D has been pegged the “sunshine vitamin”), there’s one that stands out amongst its peers. More than a triple threat, it’s basically the Beyoncé of vitamins. We’ve already explained why vitamins E and C are particularly powerful when teamed up, and now it’s time to explore the advantages of C all on its own. Especially considering April 4th is officially Vitamin C Day. (We won’t get into whether Kelly or Michelle gets the honor of playing vitamin E in this super-savvy metaphor...It’s Kelly. It has to be Kelly.) Hey, if it’s important enough to have its own day, then it must be something of a superstar. Let’s “celebrate” by exploring what makes vitamin C worthy of all these accolades. 

First of all, what is vitamin C? A strong antioxidant essential for healing, growth and tissue repair in every, single part of your body, skin included, it’s ironic we can’t produce it on our own. Instead, water-soluble C, technically known as ascorbic acid, is naturally found in fruits and vegetables, and, of course, produced as an active ingredient in plenty of skincare products. But as it goes with products, not all vitamin C is the same. When it comes to consumption, it tends to be even healthier when combined with bioflavonoids and talking topically, the concentration level and delivery system of the formula are all-important — you need both because orally consumed C doesn’t tend to reach your skin, at least not on a visible level. 

You know that satisfying feeling of instant tightness when you rub a couple pumps of the Resurfacing Compound all over your face? Vitamin C has a lot to do with that. A bona-fide mega-antioxidant, its multi-tasking powers are legendary and for good reason. Not only does it tighten, it brightens, lightens, tones, clarifies, exfoliates skin and it’s capable of neutralizing free radicals. 

Naturally, U Beauty’s SIREN capsules are packed with age-reversing active ingredients, including, yup, stabilized vitamin C. If you’re thinking, Wait a second. I’ve been told it’s irritating, and I have sensitive skin as it is, this is where our patent-pending technology is particularly beneficial. Our vitamin C is positively packed into the SIREN capsule, which means it gets to go exactly where it needs to go: frail-skin areas in need of visible repair and rejuvenation. Since the capsules release their key actives only where your skin needs them, you only get the ingredients, vitamin C included, on those damaged areas, leaving healthy skin alone. Equally important, we only use stabilized C. While some ingredients break down when they hit oxygen and lost their potency, stable vitamin C lasts longer in the bottle and in turn, longer on your skin. So it goes exactly where your skin needs it, and you get all the benefits you want. 

From decreasing discoloration to preventing potential breakouts, let's break down the other benefits of U Beauty’s high-tech take on vitamin C: 

It reduces the appearance of dark or overly pigmented areas on the skin. Long associated with brightness, there's no surprise why: It visibly brightens our complexions, as it aids in our skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Healed skin is healthy skin, and it shows. Next, it helps smooth and even out your skin tone. And with overall improved tone comes less “bad skin” days. Anything that has the potential to stop blemishes before they even start to form? We’ll take it. 

It acts as a toner. Generally, toner delivers a quick hit of hydration, mildly sloughs away dead cells and prepares it for moisture. Finally, vitamin C encourages the improved production of collagen. Actually, it’s even been shown to double collagen synthesis in fibroblasts. 

Now there is one thing this powerhouse doesn’t do: While it helps defend the skin from the sun by making your skin more resilient and healthier, it, of course, never replaces the need for sunblock. Only SPF does that. Hey, we can only ask so much. Let’s use this as a lesson to not only stay dedicated to our vitamin C. Let’s be a little more like it: Strong, versatile and unafraid (to try) to do it all. 

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