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The Resurfacing Compound: Your Top Questions Answered

It’s no surprise that a product that changes everything, at least when it comes to your skincare routine and in turn, your skin, might inspire some curiosity. While U Beauty is simple, and all about simplifying things for you, the way the Resurfacing Compound works is a little less so. 

So naturally, you asked and we answered. This goes beyond the typical FAQs. Here is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the revolutionary Resurfacing Compound, and maybe a few answers to questions you didn’t even know you had:

I know the Compound works so effectively because of SIREN Capsule Technology. But what exactly is it and why is it revolutionary?
Maxed out on cosmetic confusion, our founder, Tina Craig, had been looking for a product that could help cut down on her exhausting 13-step daily routine (that’s twice a day!), one that would deliver multiple benefits in one formula. At the same time, what was soon to become the U Beauty lab was busy developing a way to deliver anti-aging ingredients only to areas of the skin that needed them. Our experts knew free radicals accumulated on top of frail, not healthy, areas, and if we packed anti-aging ingredients into a little capsule that attracted free radicals, we would be able to accomplish what we wanted

Our SIRENS feature a patent-pending capsule-membrane composition that allows it to interact with the body in a novel way. We focused on getting our capsule to areas with high concentrations of free radicals, so the anti-aging ingredients go where they need to go and steer clear of areas where they’re not needed. Keeping the ingredients away from healthy skin cells is just as important and directing them to damaged spots, and a single formula that you can apply all over your skin and successfully does this is, yes, revolutionary. 

Why do you use retinyl palmitate, and how is it different from other types of retinol? Would it replace or complement my prescription retinol?
Retinyl palmitate is a stable form of vitamin A, so it’s also often simply known as stabilized vitamin A. It takes a longer time to convert into retinoic acid, which makes it gentle on the skin, so using it won’t cause dryness or skin-peeling. 

Some skin types can’t tolerate retinol, as it’s strong and not always the best for sensitive skin. This is a form of vitamin A that’s suitable for all skin types. And because our SIREN is activated by free radicals and the retinyl palmitate is released exactly where it’s needed, we’re able to use a very small amount and a gentle form of vitamin A to achieve dramatic results. Of course, if you’re under a dermatologist’s directive to use retinol, talk to them before you make a change. 

Remind me again, what products does the Compound replace?
It replaces any of your antioxidant, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E and brightening products, along with toner. With the Compound, all you need to keep in your repertoire is a cleanser, eye cream, SPF and moisturizer to hydrate. 

Since it replaces other products, what should I avoid now that I’m using it?
Avoid using other resurfacing ingredients and retinol while using the Resurfacing Compound. For best results, avoid use of them at least one week before you start using the Compound. And don't use it on days you’re getting professional micro-needling, peels or waxing, if that’s part of your regimen. 

Your formula is alcohol-free, but it contains witch hazel. How’s that possible?
We use a delicate form of witch hazel. It’s a water extract from the leaves. This means there’s no alcohol in our extract, so there is no chance of drying the skin. The product has been extensively tested for safety, so no risk is linked with this ingredient.

I see the formula contains oat extract. Is that gluten-free?
Yes, non-contaminated, pure oats are gluten-free.

Do acids cancel out peptides?
Acids can diminish peptides effectiveness, but our delivery system ensures this doesn’t happen. The compound will not inhibit the absorption of peptides, so no cancelling out takes place.

How long will each bottle size last me?
Our largest size, the 50ml bottle lasts six to eight weeks. The mid-size bottle, 30ml, lasts you a month and the 15ml, which is best for travel, is good for two weeks of use. 

How exactly does the Compound brighten my skin?
Vitamin C can prevent melanin expression (by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase), which would preclude skin from darkening. It does so by interfering with communication happening within the skin, basically intercepting the skin’s signals to darken. Vitamin C also aids in our skin’s ability to heal itself, which leads to a brighter complexion. 

Can I use the Compound with brightening cleansers?
As long as it’s delicate and not drying to the skin, you’re good. 

Can I apply the compound to my eyelids?
Yes, but it’s a bit sticky for this zone. Try a very small amount in the evening.

Would you say hyaluronic acid can stimulate collagen production?
There is some evidence that hyaluronic acid affects the function of fibroblasts, which in turn can induce collagen production. It’s also been praised for its ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, decrease sagging skin and enhance skin hydration.

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I love their products for their quality and vitamin C content for radiant skin.

Zuheydy Cardona Rivera June 02, 2020

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