Year of the Tiger Essentials

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Tina's Top Five: Year of the Tiger Essentials

Strength, courage, and change: With powerful feline symbolism, The Year of the Tiger promises to usher in a bold new phase. Fortunately, Tina is prepared with a ferocious edit to set the tone so you can take on 2022 with a roar, from crimson lace for good luck to a great excuse to go shopping. Because the Lunar New Year comes—you guessed it—only once a year.

1. Fleur du Mal Violette Balconette Bra
​​"Red is associated with vitality, wealth, luck, and success, and wearing the color intimately makes for a particularly auspicious accessory. Especially when it’s fashioned in hyper-delicate metallic-foil floral embroidery on tulle."
Available at Fleur du Mal.

2. Rouge Hermès Limited-Edition Shiny Lipstick
"Personally speaking, Hermès orange has always been a lucky color in my book. When it comes to their limited-release spring lipstick, I can't decide what entices me more: this sheer lilac-pink shade or the eye-catching packaging. Pair it with a fresh face, courtesy of the Resurfacing Compound and SUPER Hydrator, for an instant glow-up."
Available at Hermès.

3. VRAI Solitaire Drop Ear Jacket
"In lieu of a red envelope, I'd happily take this single ear jacket, for a refreshingly modern take on the diamond stud. Naturally, yellow gold symbolizes wealth for the new year, so it's a double win."
Available at

4. Dior Vibe Medium Zip Bowling Bag
"If you've seen me on social media lately, you've seen my Dior Vibe bag. The name says it all. Need to justify an investment purchase? I've got you: Right now is the one time of the year when you’re encouraged to be fiscally irresponsible. Hey, I don't make the rules!"
Available at Dior

5. Smooth No. 4 Weekly Booster Coarse Hair Masque
"After dyeing my hair copper (or Year of the Tiger Red, if you prefer), this deep conditioning treatment has been saving me. A single packet leaves you with replenished results for weeks."
Available at Deldur

Pro Tip: Don’t cut your hair during the next two weeks! The Chinese believe you will cut away your good luck, so wait until mid-February to get a trim. 

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