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The Protocol: Jamie Greenberg

The Protocol: Jamie Greenberg

Our series featuring the daily routines, expert advice, and beauty tips of industry insiders (read: those who’ve got it down to a science). Because we should all have a Protocol.

If you've caught Jamie Greenberg on TikTok, or Instagram, for that matter, you haven't missed her vibrant, playful posts packed with expert beauty advice, simplified makeup hacks, and industry-insider recommendations. If you need more convincing, she also unabashedly shares a myriad of red-carpet secrets, many of which you'd be pressed to find anywhere else. 

The celebrity makeup artist–Kristen Stewart, Jessica Alba, Tracee Ellis Ross, Elisabeth Moss, Kaley Cuoco, Chelsea Handler, and Rashida Jones have all sat in her chairalso has her own sustainably conscious line, Jamie Makeup. The star product? Jamie's one-of-a-kind Blighlighter, which is as she describes "a blush/highlighter hybrid that will give you the perfect subtle glow." 

Here, the beauty guru shares her favorite high-tech skincare devices (that actually work), and why there’s no shame in the cosmetic procedure game: 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? 
Drink water. It’s a must for waking me up and making me feel good all day long.

Describe your morning and evening skincare routines. 
I don’t always use the same products since I’m fortunate enough to try lots of things! But the routine always consists of cleanse; toners, oils, or serums; a great moisturizer; and SPF in the morning. I use retinol, like U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound at nights, and I love an under-eye face mask in the morning after cleansing if I need a little extra hydration. 

Do you have a fitness routine? If yes, what are your objectives/goals when you work out? 
My favorite workout is running, it's the perfect way to clear my mind and get in a great workout. I'm also a little obsessed with my Peloton.

Have you tried any in-office cosmetic procedures (lasers, fillers, microneedling, etc.)? 
I’ve recently tried Restylane Contour, a new cheek filler, and it’s so subtle. Just adds definition in my cheeks, and it did so in a super-dynamic and flexible way. 

Which procedures do you love, and which would you never try (or never try again!)? 
I had a mommy makeover and did a tummy tuck and breast lift in 2019, and I am so happy I did! I'd like to do an upper-lid eye lift as well. No shame in that game, and I think everyone should do what makes them happy!

What’s your diet like on a typical day? 
I usually eat clean and I love cooking meals at home...until I start eating my kids fried food and candy. Just keeping it real! I try to keep things pretty healthy for the most part, but, of course, I love an occasional treat!

What's the last thing you do before you go to bed? 
I'll usually catch up on Rupaul's Drag Race or whatever show I'm binging at the moment.

Who’s your beauty idol? 
My mother! 

What’s the most high-maintenance aspect of your beauty protocol? 
I’ve invested in some devices that are a pretty penny (NuFACE Microcurrent device, CurrentBody LED face mask), but the results are undeniable if you use them consistently. They’ve been worth it for me! 

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve gotten? 
Be. Yourself. Always!

What’s your 24-hour plan for getting ready for a big event or photoshoot? 
I know we hate to hear it, but get good sleep and drink a lot of water leading up to it! Then give yourself enough time for some heavy-duty skincare prep BEFORE you even start the makeup look. 

What do you do when you want to reset, regroup, or detox? 
Running is one of my favorite things to do when I need a mental reset. I also always make time to get my nails done or my hair done when I need it. Anything you can do for yourself is a great way to regroup and reset!

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