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The Protocol: Jenna Perry

Our series featuring the daily routines, expert advice, and beauty tips of industry insiders (read: those who’ve got it down to a science). Because we should all have a Protocol.

Hot Girl Hair: This effortlessly appealing trifecta of words would probably haven't had made it into our beauty lexicon if it weren't for Jenna Perry. No coincidence, "effortlessly appealing" is a precise way to describe the instantly recognizable work of the celebrity colorist and founder of Jenna Perry Hair Studio. It's at her namesake New York City-based salon where Jenna creative-directs a talented team of stylists and colorists, and keeps heralding shifts in the way we think about hair color.

"Hot Girl Hair" was originally coined in reference to her seductively delicate yet deliberate way with balayage. But in recent months, Jenna's become perhaps even more famed for giving brunette hues a sexy revival. Cases in point: Bella Hadid's shade of "mocha chocolate"Jenna's delicious name, not oursand Emily Ratajkowski's sensual, rich sheen. (Other dedicated clients include Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Maude Apatow, Jennifer Fisher, and Elise Taylor.)

While Jenna's high-profile client list grows and she expands her salon (expect an ever-increasing waitlist), her laid-back attitude and humble demeanor don't budge. Indeed, clients describe the experience at her East Village salon as "a slumber party with chill girls." So what's the next best thing to a session at Jenna Perry Hair Studio? Taking a cue from her sage and candid Protocol, naturally:

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I naturally wake up very early and I love my bed, so I stay in bed for a bit and drink a lot of water and coffee while I read a book or browse the internet before I start my day. I always have rose water by my bedside so I do that too to help awaken my skin.

Describe your morning and evening skincare routines.
I keep my skincare routines very simple: Cleanse, moisturize, and SPF. In the morning, I always use the U Beauty SUPER Hydrator because I like how moisturizing it is but still lightweight. I’ve also been really into True Botanicals products lately because the scents are so fresh and wake me up.

At night, I typically incorporate an exfoliating mask, like the Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask and, depending on how dry my skin feels sometimes I finish off with an oil on top of my moisturizer, like the In Fiore Face Oil.

Do you have a fitness routine? If yes, what are your objectives/goals when you work out?
I work out most mornings. I go to Equinox in Williamsburg, and I do the Stairmaster or take most of Elgin’s classes. He teaches Pilates, Barre and Sculpt classes that I love. If I don’t have time to go to the gym, I do a workout at home with Melissa Wood.

Have you tried any in-office cosmetic procedures (lasers, fillers, microneedling, etc.)?
Botox is great. I see Dr. Rita Linkner and let her do whatever she thinks is right. I always just end up looking fresh and alive. I haven't tried any lasers yet, but that's next!

Which procedures do you love, and which would you never try (or never try again!)?
I really love a good facial. I have been seeing Joanna Vargas; she’s a genius! I also swear by a lash lift. Its not my favorite procedure but the results are worth having your eyes practically glued shut for an hour.


What’s your diet like on a typical day?
I have been gluten-free for seven months now, and it has changed my life. It’s not easy because I love pasta and bread, but I feel so much better, sleep better and just feel healthier.

When I’m doing hair, I drink a lot of green juices or smoothies and protein bars throughout the day because I need something on the-go. I eat a lot of fish and vegetables, too. If I’m going out to eat, I always order French fries for the table.

What's the last thing you do before you go to bed?
I do my skin routine, apply my U Beauty SCULPT Arm Compound, and brush my teeth. I then read a book and usually just fall asleep.

Who’s your beauty idol?
I really don’t have just one specific person in mind. But I really admire any independent boss lady who manages to work hard and be her best self!

What’s the most high-maintenance aspect of your beauty protocol?
I try to keep things low-maintenance, but I think that the lash lift is the most high-maintenance.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve gotten?
Less is more and you are what you eat.

What’s your 24-hour plan for getting ready for a big event or photoshoot?
I drink A LOT of water, get in a really good workout, eat a healthy meal, and have one of my girls from the Jenna Perry Hair Studio do my hair.

What do you do when you want to reset, regroup, or detox?
I love guided meditations. I used to do 30 minutes a day, but now with my busy schedule, I am happy with 5-10 minutes. It's foolproof and recharges your inner wellbeing.

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