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Our goal: To do more with less. That’s why our patented 
SIREN technology gives you the most beautiful version of your skin with zero irritation and a streamlined routine.

The Problem

Subjecting skin to multiple products, with lots of harsh actives, isn’t actually very good for it. The more we “treat” our skin indiscriminately, the more we compromise healthy functioning—and develop irritation and sensitivity. Plus: All that waste.

The Solution

U Beauty’s patent-pending SIREN Capsule technology: a cutting-edge delivery mechanism that neutralizes free radicals and deposits actives only where skin is compromised. Aging is attacked at the source, and healthy skin is not subject to overtreatment or irritation.


“This day and night treatment gives you smoother, tighter skin after a single application.”


“The takeaway? This viral serum actually lives up to the hype.”

Who What Wear

“I'm convinced that there is actual magic housed inside this bottle.”

Harper’s Bazaar

“Simplify your life and save your skin.”

Into The Gloss

“The bottom line is that my skin is freakishly smooth now.”

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Resurfacing Compound

Dubbed "a holy-grail addition to 
your skincare routine"

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The U Beauty Duo - 50 ml

The SUPER delivers long-chain hyaluronic acid to the skin that needs it most

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The SUPER Hydrator - 50 ml

A revolutionary concentrate that visibly tightens and sculpts skin on the arms

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Do More With Less

Meet Tina

You don't need a 13-step routine to see results. The future of skincare about simplicity and efficacy.


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