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U Exceeded our Expectations


For over a year, U Beauty worked to define its launch product, the Resurfacing Compound. What began among friends around a dinner table late summer, last year, became a multi-purpose skincare topical vetted by hundreds before the spring of 2019. Close friends and industry professionals tested over nine iterations of the compound before a unanimous tally of yays made official a formula able to satisfy our eager longing for a single product that could do more. Number nine surpassed all our expectations. Read Full Blog Post.

We set out to create a professional level resurfacing product utilizing a brand-new technology that would enable results without the likelihood of side effects like peeling and redness. Number nine delivered this and a whole lot more. Loaded with majors like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, and chemical exfoliants, the Resurfacing Compound resurfaces beautifully, all while brightening, renewing, tightening, equalizing and defending the skin against the look of future damage too. It's a powerhouse. It's a single product enabling you to simplify your routine, eliminate superfluous products, extra bottles on your counter, save you money, save you time. U Beauty is a new skincare philosophy.

U Beauty officially launched on November 1, 2019. As more and more people tried the compound and affirmed its performance, we grew ever more assured of its power. By November 21, after multiple sell-outs via our retail partner Net-a-Porter, we announced total sell out. The Resurfacing Compound is pure skin enchantment. Our teams are working around the clock to restock the compound; some are calling "sorcery!"

In the meantime, and as a thank you, we are gifting a 10ml deluxe travel size when you preorder the 50ml or 30ml. The 10ml will last you 10 days and has a $58 value.
This special Thank You offer is available until December 25, 2019.

To ensure the very best U Beauty experience, follow these tips when using the Resurfacing Compound.

1. Avoid the use of other resurfacing products while using the compound. U Beauty was engineered with a patent-pending SIREN capsule enabling lower levels of actives to address damage more efficiently and more effectively. If you cocktail the compound or use it interchangeably with other products like p50, it is going to be too harsh on the skin. Avoid this!

2. Do not apply face oil or any oil-based product beneath the compound. Oils will preclude absorption of the compound, and pilling could result.

3. During the first few days/ weeks of use, the compound will slough away dead skin and decongest pores. Skin flaking off could mix with subsequent layers or makeup and cause pilling. Good news. All of this will subside as the skin's normal turnover becomes optimized.

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I just received a sample of your ‘Resurfacing Compound’ in the mail and have used 1 time. I truly love this because in only 1 use my skin looks better! (and no, I don’t leave reviews this wonderfully positive, ever… especially after using 1 time)
As an avid skincare advocate, because my skin (I have learned) is so crucial to give lots of TLC when a skincare product works, I am loyal and get excited to share with others who care about their skin as much as I do!
I am going to continue using my sample for next 2.5 days and if this continues to be so ‘perfect’, I shall be ordering.


Joyce March 11, 2020

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