How to Get Glowing Skin in 2021

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Tina Says: How to Get Glowing Skin in 2021

I think I speak for all of us when I say we could use a healthy reset right about now. That's why I’ve rounded up my new favorite things to inspire a fresh start and a fresh complexion for the new year—because we really deserve it. Here’s to glowing skin, all year long:

1. The U Beauty Duo
Of course, it starts with my essential power couple, the Resurfacing Compound and The SUPER Smart Hydrator. Created to work together, they deliver active ingredients only where you need them. Free radicals get neutralized, and you get a radiant glow with hydration that lasts up to 48 hours.
Available here 

2. Jenny Patinkin Bamboo Pure Luxury Bamboo Reusable Rounds
Not only are these soft and sustainable, they effectively remove every last trace of makeup on my face! I will never buy cotton rounds again. (The embossed carrying case seals the deal.)
Available at Jenny Patinkin

3. Jones Road Beauty Cool Gloss
A slick of color and shine with a cooling sensation, courtesy of a pop of peppermint oil: Bobbi Brown’s new line of no-makeup makeup nails it, and this naturally plumping gloss makes for a healthy addiction. 
Available at Jones Road

4. Dr. Nigma’s Vitamin C Cocktail
Shaken or stirred? Taken with fresh water (vodka optional), this powerful blend of necessary nutrients ensures my daily dose of vitamin C for skin health from the inside-out. 
Available at HealthyDoc

5. Pique Tea Crystals
I've already told you about why I love this tea more than any other (preservative-free, smooth as can be), but this especially antioxidant-rich brand also seems to purify the system better than regular teas, for health from the inside-out. 
Available at Pique Tea

6. Shore Magic Premium Marine Collagen
Speaking of my daily purifying go-tos, I can't say enough good things about this marine collagen: Ultra-absorbable, it has a smooth texture that actually enhances your smoothies and lattes when blended. I take mine with matcha every morning. 
Available at Shore Magic and Violet Grey

7. Glacio Ice Ball
You probably know I love an at-home ice facial and this singular sphere makes for the ultimate DIY experience. I like to freeze nourishing coconut milk, then gently glide it over my face for a few minutes for instantly glass-like skin.
Available at Glacio

8. Virgin Raw Foods Bee Panacea
This all-natural supplement, made in small batches, blends 20 fortifying ingredients like ginseng, spirulina and maca in a single dose. But the best part is despite being insanely healthy, it tastes like candy. 
Available at All Star Health

9. Clé de Peau Beauté Illuminating Concentrate
A three-part mask for one professional-grade glow: This luxe treatment combines Japanese pearl and golden silk extract for smooth, supple skin that's well worth the extra steps. 
Available at Clé de Peau.  

10. SiO ChestLift Chest Wrinkle Treatment
I've nicknamed this medical-grade silicone miracle patch my bed belt because I can't sleep without it. It keeps my chest so preternaturally smooth, my friends say I have the décolletage of a teenager.
Available at SiO Beauty

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