Which Order Should I Follow for My Skin Care Routine?

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Which Order Should I Follow for My Skin Care Routine?

Which Order Should I Follow for My Skin Care Routine?

U Beauty’s products work seamlessly to provide targeted, transformative results. You might already know how to build a skincare routine, and you've had success finding the right skincare products. So now it's time to put them on your face—but which ones first? Fortunately, U Beauty's products work seamlessly to provide targeted, transformative results. Understanding how to layer the products will help you derive the full benefits of the active ingredients. Read on to find out how to layer on each one for maximum effect.

Why the order of your skincare routine order matters

To create the perfect routine for your skin, take into account your skin type or a specific skin concern you may want to target with your skincare ingredients. The order of your skincare routine affects how well your skin absorbs the products you apply. Prepping your face is just as important as getting the order right – always begin by removing make-up and grime with a cleanser, to make sure nothing gets in the way of your skin absorbing the good stuff you’re about to put on.

When lining up your routine, the texture of your skincare products can be a clue for how to order them. Lightweight, water-based products like serums should be applied before the heavier, more emollient ones like moisturizers or overnight masks. If you’re using a separate exfoliant (e.g. AHA or BHA), apply it immediately after cleansing. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying retinoids to minimize irritation.

In the daytime, always finish your routine with sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays. Not only does sun exposure worsen aging skin, it can degrade the volatile active ingredients in your routine such as retinol and Vitamin C.

Treat the skin on your body the same way. After gentle cleansing with water that’s not too hot, follow with your desired spot treatment (e.g. acid exfoliant or sculpting treatment) and then a moisturizer. Don’t neglect sunscreen for your body either!

Your ultimate skincare routine

Step 1: The MANTLE Skin Conditioning Wash

A futuristic oil-balm that emulsifies into a cleansing milk, The MANTLE cleanses and conditions the skin while restoring the acid mantle, improving skin feel, balancing pH, and rendering double-cleansing a thing of the past: Within seconds, The MANTLE melts away water- and oil-soluble debris—including waterproof makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and sweat—ensuring deep purification without stripping the skin.

How to: Massage into dry or damp skin, then add water, before rinsing. Wipe away excess makeup with a muslin cloth.

Step 2: Resurfacing Compound

A resurfacing retinol serum that helps brighten, resurface, renew, tighten, equalize, and defend with one complexion-boosting compound. Our OG hero replaces up to eight products in a single formula, smoothing skin, minimizing pores, and diminishing signs of aging skin, like fine lines and wrinkles with retinol, Vitamin C, and other powerful antioxidants.

How to: Apply 2-3 pumps to clean, dry skin for glass-like skin

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Step 3: The RETURN Eye Concentrate

A complete contouring treatment that targets oxidative stress and free-radical imbalance against the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles for unprecedented eye defense with visible sustained renewal.

How to: Apply 1-2 pumps of the eye cream concentrate nightly, after the Resurfacing Compound, to the under eye and orbital bone areas. Moving outward, use a gentle tapping motion to ensure full absorption.

Step 4: The SUPER Hydrator

A next-level moisturizer that actively hydrates for up to 48 hours for skin that’s primed and nourished: With five unique types of hyaluronic acid, it seals in the Compound and delivers deep, sustained hydration.

How to: Apply after The RETURN Eye Concentrate. Reapply as needed.

Step 5 (AM): The Multimodal Defender

Besides offering SPF30 broad spectrum protection against harsh UV rays, this multitasking balm corrects your skin against past damage, visibly reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and brightening the skin.

How to: Apply liberally in the morning, blending until completely absorbed.

Step 5 (PM): The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment

Seal your nighttime skincare routine with an overnight treatment packed with restorative ingredients to renew barrier function for visibly softer, stronger skin. By morning, you’ll notice revived density, more bounce, and boosted resilience – in other words, baby skin.

How to: Apply a generous layer to skin at least 2-3 nights a week, as the last step for your facial routine.

Step 6: The PLASMA Lip Compound

The skincare product in your routine that's a perfect finishing touch. Packed with peptides and ceramides, this reinvented lip balm plumps and contours the lips with a 3D cushion-effect. Over time, experience visibly fuller, healthier lips with increased volume.

How to: Swipe evenly onto lips as needed or desired.

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