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Tina's Top Five: August Edition

Tina’s exclusive edit of all she’s into right now, from her favorite new summer drink to her latest must-read book

1. The Guilt-Free Wine
“Luxury wine from Napa Valley that’s 100% sugar-free? Yes, please! Vice Pinot Noir Rosé 2019 is my new go-to. Sourced from Carneros, this vineyard’s name is ironic, considering their rosé is about as healthy as wine gets. Crisp and fresh with notes of strawberries and orange blossom, it somehow tastes totally decadent. Not only is it vegan, it’s made with sustainably grown fruit and practices. I’m loving unwinding with a glass, or several, at the end of long days for my own personal happy hour. And thanks to no sugar, my chances of a hangover are nearly nonexistent.”
Available at The Vice Wine.

2. The Can’t-Put-Down Book
“I savored every last word of my friend Kevin Kwan’s latest page-turner, Sex and Vanity. Already unsurprisingly soon to be made into a movie, it’s as delightfully entertaining as we expected! Not to mention we desperately need the ‘escape’ to Capri right about now, especially on Week 20,000 of quarantine. If you’ve been having Crazy Rich Asians withdrawals like I have, I highly recommend you order it ASAP!

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you this: Two distinctly different worlds collide with a loud bang when crazy-rich Asians meet old-world WASPs (with a hilarious side of crazy nouveau riche!). So hurry up and get ready, so we can gossip about Lucie and George!”
Pick up a copy here.

3. The Wardrobe-Revitalizing Look
“Simply put, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia are killing it as Oscar de la Renta’s creative directors. I’m obsessed with just about everything in the Pre-Fall collection, inspired by the world of interiors to lavish effects, but it’s their leather jumpsuit that’s destined to jumpstart my wardrobe. Sumptuous buttery leather is perfectly lightweight for fall, the shade of burnt orange is equal parts unexpected and neutral, and the loose-yet-structured fit, punctuated with a wide belt, delivers the level of insouciance I’m currently craving.”

4. The Body Boost
"This has made my life so much easier! I don’t make bone broth as often as I used to, which might be because I've discovered Shore Magic Premium Marine Collagen (in case you don't know, the main active ingredient in bone broth is collagen). It’s made of hydrolyzed wild-caught fish skin and absorbs better than animal protein: Not only is it a whopping 19 times more absorbable than typical collagen, it helps rid your body of toxins, benefits the nervous system and helps with cell proliferation.

Ever since my hysterectomy last October, my joints have felt creaky. After two weeks of taking this super-powered hydrolyzed collagen, my joints feel oddly lubricated. I feel so much better physically! It’s not just about anti-aging and skin benefits; it’s overall improved well-being I’m experiencing. 

I'm equally obsessed with the founder. Joy Harari is a former holistic health coach who was sourcing organic marine collagen to give her patients for five years before she developed her own ingestible collagen, a single-ingredient game-changer."
Available at Shore Magic (you can also purchase it at Violet Grey). 

5. The Sustainable Fashion App
“I’m all about reCommerce lately. Sustainable luxury is where it’s at, especially when you don’t have to sacrifice snapping up your favorite designers. Fashionphile is my favorite way to basically swap out my pre-owned bags for brand-new ones. They have stations at five different Neiman Marcus stores, including in Beverly Hills, Dallas and San Francisco, so you can shop online and pick up at your convenience. Bring your old bags to get an instant in-person estimate (get 10% extra if you take a Neiman's gift card in lieu of cash). Sell your old bags and buy new bags. It’s like getting paid to clean out your closet: a chronic shopper’s dream come true.”
Check them out here.


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