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Men and U Beauty: Everything You Want to Know

Men and U Beauty: Everything You Want to Know

We'll be the first to say it: The fact that this is even a discussion is kind of strange, but here we are. We’ve come a long way in terms of equality and yet we have a very long way to go—even just in terms of the way we think about skincare! For some reason, there’s still a pervasive notion that it’s mainly women who really care about their skin. But it’s not the truth. While women still spend more money on their self-care, men are beginning to catch up. Needless to say, we should all care about our skin equally because we deserve it.

How different are men and women’s skin, really?
In truth, since men’s skin tends to be about 25% thicker than women’s, thanks to androgen (also known as testosterone), and it’s also a bit tougher with a slightly higher collagen density. On the downside for guys, since they produce more sebum, the technical term for oil, than women from puberty onwards, they’re more likely to deal with acne, along with proliferation of the sebaceous glands. But even if many men appear to have totally resilient skin, dryness, aging, environmental and other factors can be at play right below the surface.

Can men use U Beauty?
Believe it or not, it’s one of the top questions we get asked and the answer is a wholehearted, emphatic, “Yes!” Inclusivity is just as important as efficacy: This brand was designed for everyone, with the help of extensive and wide-ranging clinical testing—and that includes every skin type, tone, age, texture and, of course, gender. Much of this all-encompassing philosophy stems from our founder Tina Craig’s long-standing mantra:  “In my culture, having good skin means having self-love and a sense of confidence. U Beauty is self-confidence in a bottle. I want everyone to experience self-love, confidence and good skin.” It’s also not the only reason we want men to embrace skincare as much as women.

My skin is fine. Why start using the Resurfacing Compound?
When you’re content with your skin to begin with, it can seem gratuitous to add something new to your wash-and-go routine or change the regimen you have in place. In short, the Resurfacing Compound is the ultimate multitasking product that works—which means other than cleanse your face and add some moisture after (more on that momentarily), all you have to do is pump it into your hand and massage it into your face once or twice a day. 

The result? To quote Adam Glassman, O Magazine’s Creative Director, “It’s honestly changed my skin dramatically. It’s made my pores smaller. It’s made my skin smoother. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. And I just love the way my skin feels with it.”

And why switch to the SUPER Smart Hydrator from my regular moisturizer? Aren’t all all moisturizers created equal?
Simple answer? Nope! Not even close. The SUPER is more than a moisturizer and it’s called smart for a real, literal reason. With HYDRA-SIREN Capsule technology (which you can learn about here), it intuitively responds to your skin, delivering instant hydration that absorbs effortlessly and deep hydration like never before, with the help of five different hyaluronic acids. And it keeps the hydration going for up to 48 hours.

How much of each product should I use?
A little takes you a long way. U Beauty products are designed to give you more bang for your buck. When it comes to the Resurfacing Compound, one-to-two pumps is all you need. Most people like to use it in both the morning and nighttime (after washing your face on clean, dry skin), but once a day is just fine. The same goes for the SUPER: Next wait 30 seconds, then apply it all over the face, even the neck. It’s creamy and rich, so you don’t need too much to feel an instant and lasting result.

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