The Resurfacing Revolution

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Beneath the Surface:
The Resurfacing Revolution

You’ve probably been hearing the term “resurfacing” long before U Beauty came across your radar. Maybe it was back in the mid-nineties when the microdermabrasion craze hit the American market (after originally being developed in Italy in 1985); it’s a method of sloughing the top layer of skin with a high-pressure flow of sandy particles, usually in the form of aluminum oxide crystals. Or maybe it was in the late nineties, when chemical peels, which remove the top layer of skin to minimize fine lines and discoloration, became hugely popular (as of 1999, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, they were the most requested cosmetic procedure in the United States). Then there’s laser resurfacing, which usually involves advanced planning, recovery time and potential side effects, like bumps, burning and hyperpigmentation. 

What skin resurfacing means is the removal of damaged cells from the skin’s surface and up until now, it’s usually been aggressive, expensive, ineffective or all of the above. Not anymore. It’s also developed a reputation for dehydrating the skin. That’s because a lot of retinoids are known for being harsh on skin, especially on types prone to dryness; it often takes skin two-to-three weeks to adjust to them, especially when delivered in high concentration. Dehydrated skin basically means the barrier has been worn down, in turn letting moisture out and inviting irritants. Now, thanks to some unique advanced technology and a brand-new way of treating the skin, these issues only apply to old-school resurfacing products. Read: Not to U Beauty’s hero product. 

The Resurfacing Compound visibly builds and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, rather than depleting it. Which means moisture in, irritants out! It also means smoother, softer, more even-looking skin with minimized lines and pores. Sure, it’s a simple single product you merely need to apply to clean skin in the morning and evening. But there’s a lot of complexity in how it works, and how we got here. 

You know about our SIREN Capsule Technology by now, but just in case you don’t: Each capsule releases on areas where damage is erupting and not all over your skin, allowing for maximum efficiency. Fewer, lower-level actives create the best possible results, without the likelihood of redness and irritation. Speaking of redness and irritation, the best way to prevent both is by fortifying the skin’s barrier. And the best way to do that is with antioxidants that protect healthy skin while demolishing free radicals, like vitamin C. Combined with vitamin E, this power duo boosts collagen and moisture. 

Finally, the AHA ingredients in the Compound’s base, like glycolic and mandelic lactobionic acids, do exactly what they’re supposed to do (and nothing they’re not): gently exfoliate, decongest pores, stimulate healthy cell renewal and finally, create seamless highways, so the SIREN can quickly diffuse into the skin's top layers. With every single ingredient in the Compound delivered in the most ideal and strategic of measures, stable retinol, included, there’s no long adjustment period for your skin. With advanced technology and a formula that’s equal parts clean, safe and thoughtful, full of multi-functional ingredients that work, the concept of skin resurfacing will never be the same again. 

As founder Tina Craig has said, “What the product does is very complex. But using this product is simple. The body knows exactly what to do with our ingredients, and the results are like none I’ve ever seen before.”


Wanted say wow!! Thanks for sending me samples I absolutely love resurfacing compound gel! I would like buy it !

Rose Prince June 02, 2020

I tried this product and it changed my skin. Everyone asked me what I had been doing, because my skin looked amazing.
Unfortunately because I’m 75 and live on a fixed income, it is pretty unaffordable to me. But it is probably the best product I have every used. And it works in such a short time. If things ever change, I certainly will be back for this miracle serum….

Verlaine Joren June 02, 2020

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