Refresh Awards 2024: Best skin tint


The SUPER Tinted Hydrator

“I regret to inform you that this product is worth every single penny,” notes assistant beauty editor Hannah Frye. A bunch of complexion products receive the hype of “looking like a second skin,” but I swear the claim rings true with this lightweight formula. It’s the most hydrating base I’ve ever tried, leaving behind a finish that instantly fuses to the skin.

I also adore an innovative delivery system, and the U Beauty science is just the coolest: It features a patent-pending SIREN Capsule Technology, which lures free radicals to the skin like a magnet (or, you know, a siren being), only to neutralize them, immediately filling the skin with collagen-boosting ingredients, such as long-chain hyaluronic acid.


Refreshing highlights:

  • Delivers deep hydration using SIREN Capsule Technology
  • Makes the skin look naturally supple & bright
  • Shades are truly flexible, meaning you don’t have to be a whiz at shade-matching