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2023 Skincare Awards - Best Cleaning Emulsion

Harper's Bazaar

Award-winning products for DRY SKIN

Plump, dewy skin is all about striking the perfect balance between water and oil. “If you cleanse your skin and immediately feel tight, that means you’re not maintaining or making much of your own moisture,” says Michelle Henry, a New York dermatologist. “That’s a great way to tell if you have dry skin.” It’s important to know the distinction between dry skin, which lacks oil, and dehydrated skin, which lacks water and tends to be situational. If you’re chronically dry, reach for nonfoaming cleansers, serums with actives like glycerin, peptides, squalane, ceramides, and niacinamide, and rich moisturizers packed with occlusives like shea butter and plant oils to keep that moisture where it belongs: your face.


U Beauty Mantle Skin Conditioning Wash

This cleansing emulsion is perfectly pH-balanced so your skin never feels tight or dry after removing the day's makeup and grime.