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Siren Capsule Technology Our patent-pending delivery system gets skincare ingredients exactly where they need to go.

A reinvention of formula

Traditional skincare floods the skin with active ingredients causing imbalances and irritation of healthy skin. U Beauty has a better way.

Proprietory Technology

U Beauty’s SIREN Capsule Technology™ identifies where damage has occurred—and focuses treatment on the skin that needs it most.

Neutralizes Free Radicals

SIREN Capsules seek out oxidative damage and eliminate destructive free radicals, then deposit skin-boosting ingredients to aid in repair and renewal.

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Real skin. Real Results.


The U Beauty Duo

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The U Beauty Duo

High-performance, science-driven, and clinically studied: The proof is in the results.


“You don’t need a 13-step routine to see results. The future of skincare is about simplicity and efficacy.”

Tina Chen Craig

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