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The U Beauty Spring Break Edit

Your carry-on space is limited, but solid skincare is nonnegotiable. We’ve paired your ...

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The Actives Series: Peptides 101

The Actives Series

Small yet mighty, peptides are the building blocks of protein your skin needs to look firm and buoyant. In science speak, they’re molecules that co...

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Tina’s Top Five: Transitional Statement Pieces

Tina’s Top Five

Today’s high summer is tomorrow’s pre-fall, and this moment calls for new-season sparkle–and some expert-level beauty tricks. As Tina hops from Eur...

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The Protocol: Candice Swanepoel

The Protocol

There are supermodels, and then there are supermodels. The inimitable Candice Swanepoel clearly falls into the elite second category. Not only is s...

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Tina’s Top Five: SUPER Summer Edition

Tina’s Top Five

This summer is all about the body. Not in a cliché “bikini-ready” sort of way. Inspired by The SUPER Body Hydrator, and all its skin-baring benefit...

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