5 of the Most Transformative Skincare Ingredient Combinations

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5 of the Most Transformative Skincare Ingredient Combinations

5 of the Most Transformative Skincare Ingredient Combinations

Reading the label on skincare products can be overwhelming. When it comes to learning how to build a skincare routine, it’s critical to know which ingredients work well together and which don’t—especially when you have specific concerns you want to address. Let’s decode the word soup and explore the super-combos of skincare ingredients that promise transformative results.

Vitamin C and Retinol

Vitamin C, also labeled ascorbic acid, is a great active ingredient that fades dark spots and fights free radicals. Its ability to brighten and even out skin tone is why there are so many vitamin C brightening serums on the market. In fact, Vitamin C, also labeled ascorbic acid, is a great active ingredient for brightening the skin by fading dark spots and fighting free radicals. Retinol, in its myriad forms (e.g. retinyl palmitate, vitamin A, retinyl acetate, etc.), also fights free radicals and stimulates cell renewal. Together, the two form a powerful antioxidant duo that reduces the signs of aging. Both can be found in The Resurfacing Compound, which delivers the benefits where the skin needs it most via SIREN Technology. Leaving healthy skin untouched minimizes the irritation that usually comes with layering these two potent ingredients.

Note: both of these active ingredients are easily degraded by light and air exposure. While The Resurfacing Compound contains stabilized vitamin C and retinyl palmitate – found naturally in the skin – it is advisable to layer on some sunscreen to maximize efficacy. Try The Multimodal Defender, which doubles as a spot corrector.


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Beta-Glucan and Hyaluronic Acid

Beta-glucan, a complex sugar derived from oats or seaweed, is proven to minimize redness, while hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated. Together, they are a godsend for those struggling with angry, irritated skin. Five different types of hyaluronic acid can be found in The SUPER Hydrator – some with larger molecules that moisturize the skin’s surface, and others that can bring water to thirsty skin cells deeper within. Since beta-glucan forms a protective barrier, it pairs well with hyaluronic acid by locking in moisture while also soothing the skin.

Sodium DNA and Urea

Sodium DNA stimulates cell turnover and reduces inflammation. Its healing properties don’t just stay on the surface—the superstar skincare ingredient is known to penetrate cell membranes. Adding urea to the mix amplifies the benefits of sodium DNA by enhancing the skin’s ability to absorb it (along with other good ingredients). Urea also gently exfoliates and binds water to the skin, making this combo a top-to-bottom restoration powerhouse. It’s natural that both are found in The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment, which is formulated as an overnight ‘mask’ for visibly improved, strengthened skin integrity.

Superoxide Dismutase + Vitamin E

One of the most ubiquitous skincare ingredients, Vitamin E (sometimes called tocopherol) is an antioxidant our own bodies produce. This free radical fighter soothes and evens skin tone, making it a less aggressive alternative to other antioxidants like Vitamin C or retinoids. Also found naturally in our cells is superoxide dismutase, an enzyme whose main function is to rid the body of harmful oxygen molecules. With promising calming properties, superoxide dismutase pairs perfectly with Vitamin E to deliver powerful yet gentle antioxidant benefits. The skin on our bodies experiences more free radical damage thanks to greater sun exposure (body sunscreen, anybody? Didn’t think so.) This is why the duo is included in The SUPER Body Hydrator, and The SCULPT Arm Compound – to tackle the effects of oxidative stress, such as fine lines, crepey skin, and volume loss, while providing deep hydration and comfort.


Multi-Hydroxy Acids + Peptides

Cell turnover is important for rejuvenating the skin, but equally important is cell behavior. While acids like AHA and BHA help remove dead skin cells from the surface and trigger the production of new ones, peptides communicate with cells and encourage them to behave in a more youthful way. Together, they cover the bases for combating the signs of aging, on the surface and within. This combination is found in The Multimodal Defender, alongside broad spectrum sun protection from zinc oxide, to prevent new UV damage while repairing the harm that’s already been done. Not surprisingly, multi-hydroxy acids and peptides are also found in The PLASMA Lip Compound, clinically proven to increase collagen production and elastin expression for a plumper appearance.

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