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The Protocol: Xenia Adonts

Our series featuring the daily routines, expert advice, and beauty tips of industry insiders (read: those who’ve got it down to a science). Because we should all have a Protocol.

Effervescent, unpretentious and thoroughly candid: A glance at Xenia Adonts’ sunny Instagram account, followed by 1.5 million and counting, suggests she’s full of positivity. Accurate. 

If you need further evidence, Russian-born, German-raised Xenia's YouTube channel documents her freewheeling, fashion-focused travels, from Berlin to Mallorca, along with insight into her relationship, wardrobe, even how she manages money—no surprise considering she studied finance, originally an aspiring investment banker.

Now the self-proclaimed fiery air sign (she’s a typically independent Aquarius) and natural-born entrepreneur has her own burgeoning fashion line: Attire, priding itself on sustainability and transparency, showcases bold, modern lines and riffs on classic essentials. 

Here, she shares her Protocol with U Beauty:

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Grab a glass of water. 

What’s your diet like on a typical day?
I eat whatever I feel like but naturally tend to go for fresh and wholesome food. Overall, my diet shifts in between salads and avocados to pizza and burgers. I listen to my body and whatever it demands. 

Who’s your beauty idol?
Gisele Bündchen and Julia Roberts! 

What do you do when you want to reset, regroup, or detox?
Spend some time in nature :) It’s so cliche but it really is the best way to calm down.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve gotten?
Beauty comes from within! Mental well-being will always shine the brightest.

What's the last thing you do before you go to bed?
Journal about my day!

Keep up with Xenia's adventurous, fashion-fueled life by following her on Instagram or subscribing to her YouTube channel.

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