Real skin. Real people. Real Results.

High-performance, science-driven and clinically studied: The proof is in the visible results. Here’s what you can expect to see after using U Beauty for just 30 days.

The Resurfacing Compound

In a 30-day clinical trial, candidates saw a significant improvement in skin texture, tone and brightness. They noticed up to a 42% reduction in visible pores, up to a 45% improvement in skin brightness and up to 77% less visible wrinkles and imperfections. They also experienced a 183.3% increase in the appearance of collagen expression and 194% increase in the appearance of elastin expression.

The SUPER Hydrator

In clinical trials, 90% of candidates saw a statistically significant difference in skin hydration for 24 hours after just one application. Volunteers also experienced a 25.55% average (up to 82.69%) increase in hydration measured 24 hours after final application and a 13.27% average (up to 28.1%) increase in hydration, measured 48 hours after final application. That means The SUPER noticeably hydrates for up to 48 continuous hours.

The SCULPT Arm Compound

In a 30-day clinical trial, 100% of candidates agreed The SCULPT visibly refines and reshapes target areas on the arms. All experienced 100% stronger visible toning results than with exercise alone, along with up to a 47.62% increase in skin elasticity. It’s actually so effective that 30 volunteers saw a 102.1% increase in ATP expression measured just two hours after their first application.